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Disposable Paper Wipers
 Product Definitions 

Which paper wiper is best for your job?

Airlay is a strong, absorbent and extremely soft  disposable.  Great for industrial or general purpose.  Can be  for personal care as a disposable because of its soft nature or as a  wash cloth. Our air laid wipers offer the feel and absorbency of cloth without the cost.  These wipers deliver the ultimate in performance with solvents, thinners, detergents, oil, grease, water and more! virgin brazilian hair uk

DRC Cellulose is a non-woven fabric made from strong wood fibers combined with a binder ( synthetic Latex) and then " double creped" to give the fabric unique stretch, softness and wipe-dry properties.  DRC has excellent durability and absorbency in water, grease and oil. 
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Poly Pulp Wipers are inexpensive disposable rags.  Can be used for just about any tough  job.  Excellent absorbency, extremely economical. 


Scrim reinforced towels are converted wipers with a nylon netting laminated between the tissue layers.  Available in a  2-ply, 3-ply, and 4-ply.  Scrim reinforced wipers are great for cleaning glass, metal, and other surfaces that require a shine with no lint residue. Absorbs liquids, including grease and oil.   With the scrim-reinforced strength, these towels make great disposable bath towels for the health care industry.  These are strong wipers that are soft enough not to scratch skin, or most surfaces.  Scratch resistant on most surfaces. 

Our Spunbond wipers are made of a polyester rayon material which creates a  strong and absorbent wiper.  This wipe is great for use in manufacturing, automotive repair shops, paint & body shops, and car washes.  It's best point -- it is virtually lint free!   Spunbond wipers come in two grades; Spunbond H - lighter and slightly less absorbent and Spunbond Supra, a softer, thicker product.  Both types come with laminated edges.  Available flat, 1/2 and 1/4 fold.  Various sizes  from wash cloth to large hand towel sizes available.   These wipers deliver the ultimate in performance with solvents, thinners, detergents, oil, grease, water and more!

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